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The high cost of private education often leaves many students feeling obligated to prioritize alleviating their parents’ financial burden over pursuing their own educational dreams. While online learning offers accessibility, it can struggle to match the effectiveness of traditional tutoring due to affordability and the challenge of engaging students independently.


I Hate Flying Bugs Inc. confronts this challenge directly, redefining education with “Mildang PT,” an AI-powered personalized learning solution. Bridging the gap between online accessibility and high-quality personalized education, Mildang PT leverages AI technology to tailor learning content and pinpoint individual student needs, ensuring a truly customized experience for each learner. By adding technology to the with proven “human management skills” honed in the traditional offline education market, Mildang PT provides dedicated student support and guidance, effectively addressing the key hurdle of online self-motivation.


Making quality education accessible to all, Mildang PT offers affordable access to high-quality English and math classes for elementary to high school students nationwide. By empowering students to pursue their own educational aspirations and spearheading the digitalization of education in Korea, I Hate Flying Bugs Inc. makes quality learning experiences more accessible and engaging than ever before.

AI-Based Managed Learning System, Online TutoringAI

AI Learning System


Collecting learning data and providing it to online tutors


Precise analysis of learning achievements to offer tailored curricula


  • Attend personalized curricula based on the learning system

  • Access high-quality video lectures

  • Engage in learning activities guided by the AI learning system

  • Receive close management from online tutors


Deliver high-level video lectures by instructors affiliated with Mildang and renowned academies


Monitor the learning status of their children, surpassing offline academies, based on the AI learning system

Ontact Tutors

Confirm students' attitudes and achievements, conduct real-time question and answer sessions during class, and provide close management.