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[Economic Review] Approaching arrival of AIDT heats up AI competition in education industry

EdTech company I Hate Flying Bugs Inc. (IHFB) brought the future of education to life at its experiential zone at “Education Korea 2024.” Visitors stepped into a recreated school classroom equipped with laptops and tablets used in actual public schools, where they got hands-on experience with IHFB’s “School PT,” AI Digital Textbook solution.


[IT Chosun Daily] How far have AI Digital Textbooks come?

EdTech startup I Hate Flying Bugs Inc. showcased a glimpse of the future classroom at its experience zone in “Education Korea 2024.” Visitors could try out School PT solution’s AI Digital Textbooks, using the same laptops and tablets found in actual classrooms.


[MTN Money Today] Meet the future of Korean education at ‘Education Korea 2024’

Startups entering the traditional textbook sector are grabbing attention… I Hate Flying Bugs Inc. presented its AI digital textbook solution, “School PT,” developed in collaboration with major publishers like Jihak and Kyohak since October 2023.


[Chosun Edu] Highlights of Future Classrooms with AI Learning Management Solutions from 3 EdTech Companies in ‘2024 Education Korea’

I Hate Flying Bugs Inc.’s ‘SchoolPT’ is an AI Digital Textbook solution. It analyzes students’ learning achievements and patterns to recommend and provide teachers with personalized learning content tailored to each student’s level and needs.


[Edaily] Using AI Tech for Online Study Management Prior to Public Education Implementation

While AI digital textbooks are scheduled for introduction to public schools in 2025, IHFB has already been a pioneer, transforming the private education landscape for the past seven years. Through overcoming numerous challenges, they have finally achieved success in using AI technology to enable a single teacher to manage the real-time learning of multiple students simultaneously. IHFB also plans to expand its reach by entering overseas markets.


[IT Chosun Daily] According to I Hate Flying Bugs Inc.,  a 12-year-old startup, teacher-led tutoring remains the core of AI Digital Textbook

From 2025, AI Digital Textbooks will be introduced to the education field in South Korea. IHFB’s personalized study solution leverages AI as a co-pilot to assist real teachers, fostering improved study outcomes.