Lumi Cards LLC was created on its mission to deliver good information of education and learning to general public. We noted much of good educational information exists on the web, but they are not used by the students and teachers effectively. Many hours of efforts to create the good educational information sit idle. Thus, our missions are composed of two important principles: Delivering good information to students... 
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Lumi Cards is a short abbreviation for ‘Luminous Flashcards.’ Flashcards have been a great study tool from elementary school to college students in the world. We believe flashcards will continue to be a key part of future learning in mobile environment. The size and flipping of cards fit perfectly into mobile devices. Our logo has two lights above name ‘Lumi’ that represent teachers and parents who are the essential parts of...
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Lumi Cards’ current project teams are located in two locations; one in Scottsdale, Arizona (USA) and the other in Seoul, Korea. Scottsdale team is in-charge of contents and business developments and Korea team is in-charge of system development.

1.Scottsdale, Arizona : Lumi Cards’ business development team is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, a northeastern part of greater Phoenix metro area. Arizona was one of few states that adopted charter school model to give parents more choice of education and to enhance education level. Many public schools are converting into charter schools to deal with the changing state-wide environment effectively. We see many changes in public education that we have not witnessed during the past several decades and the public’s...

2.Seoul, Korea : Seoul is the center for everything in Korea including politics, economy and noticeably education. Korea has been ranked among the highest in international assessment for education levels. The key factor for Korea’s economic success can be attributed to its high level educational achievements. Despite some outcry over some Korean students’ excessive studies, we believe there are many aspects to learn including applications of technology in education and involvements of private sector education to complement...
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